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Modern, Nature-Inspired International Wedding at Völgy Major: Anett and Tomi

Anett and Tomi's wonderful wedding unfolded in the enchanting setting of Völgy Major, where the beauty of nature embraced their eternal love. This youthful, vibrant couple celebrated their love in an international style, and these moments, infused with modern elegance and the enchantment of nature, were immortalized.

The photos captured from their wedding showcased Anett and Tomi's joy in this blog post. The picturesque landscapes of Völgy Major, the blossoming meadows, and the enchanting backgrounds crafted by nature provided a perfect canvas for the young couple to capture their unforgettable wedding moments.

These images don't just encapsulate Anett and Tomi's international wedding; they also offer inspiration to those dreaming of a youthful, modern, and nature-inspired ceremony. A fusion of natural aesthetics and modern wedding trends, these photos encapsulate the true, vibrant essence of love and togetherness.

The crew worked for the perfect day:

Decor: Chetres Event Decor

Master of Ceremony: Kristóf Martincsek

Dress: Viktória Rozgonyi Bridalwear

Video: Dóra Bors

Venue: Völgy Major





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