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Bring me back to the Mountains - Engagement photos in the Alpine ranges with Anna, Marci, and Mirkó.

Welcome to the community of photography enthusiasts and mountain adventurers! Today, we have a special story and photos to share with you from Anna, Marci, and their dog Mirkó, taken during their engagement photoshoot in Slovenia.

Anna and Marci met at the gym, where they still go together. But their commonality goes beyond this. It's not just about shared interests; it's about their unceasing curiosity and openness.

Being curious about the world, about changes, about the old and new, the past, and the future, but most importantly, being curious about each other – and being open to everything that arises from each other's curiosity, what fuels, moves, and touches the other.

In truth, for a harmonious, accepting, nurturing, and strong relationship, these are the only two ingredients needed. This is what I saw and learned about them during our mountain hike over the weekend.

Anna overcame her fear of heights and walked the entire High Tatras ridge for Marci's love of mountains and hiking. Marci, on the other hand, embraced Birkenstock sandals, rowing, and more conscious eating, all for the sake of their rescued four-legged friend, Mirkó. And in this curiosity and openness, they celebrate today the eternal promise to each other: to remain for each other through all the changes in the world.

If you share a love for hiking and mountains and have considered the possibility of a mountain photoshoot, Anna and Marci's story can be a great inspiration. The beauty of nature and the power of love always create special moments.


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