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Family on board - Casual Urban Family Photoshoot in Budapest

Family photoshoots are no longer just about holidays and special occasions. Spontaneous, casual urban photoshoots are becoming increasingly popular, where family members can be captured in their natural environment in a relaxed yet memorable way. Budapest is particularly well-suited for these occasions, as the city offers numerous beautiful and unique locations, providing a great opportunity for a casual urban family photoshoot.

laza városi családi fotózás budapest

If there's a little boy who can easily identify which airline's plane is arriving or departing just by looking up from the ground, it's this brave little skater, Zsombi 🤍

It's no coincidence, of course. His mother lived her dearest dream for years: traveling the world as a stewardess on the very planes that Zsombi is so fond of :)

Although we only saw planes in the sky and embodied by Zsombi during this photoshoot, there was something much newer and more important: he showed how coolly he rides his new skateboard ⚡️⚡️

What I truly saw in them (and this is true for both young and old!):

A complete, happy unit, where any dream that is born is supported with the utmost encouragement and a safe space to help make it a reality 🤍


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