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Essentials of an Evening Wedding Ceremony - 3 Things to Focus on for Perfection

Some Useful Tips if You're Considering an Evening Wedding Ceremony

More and more often, we have the opportunity to capture the most critical moment of weddings in a unique setting that goes against the usual wedding schedules: the ceremony, not in the early afternoon or at sunset, but in the evening, after the sun has set. It's romantic, special, and different from the norm, but there are a few essential things needed in reality to make the imagined romantic picture come true, which you can read about in this post. :)

éjszakai esküvői szertartás fotózás all we have just stories


The first and perhaps most important aspect of an evening ceremony is creating the right atmosphere. Since the evening is naturally dark and empty, it's crucial to fill it with elements that not only provide light but also create a mood, making it truly romantic. For example, lots of candles can significantly enhance the ambiance, but don't forget to fill the entire ceremony venue with light. Otherwise, in photos and videos, it will look like the event took place in a black hole.

Here are some practical tips:
  • String lights above the guests and on the surrounding trees.

  • Uplighting at the base of the trees (creates a great atmosphere as the colorful lights illuminate the tree canopies). This also highlights the subject in photos, preventing them from getting lost in the darkness, with exciting lights showing the space and event in the background.

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Proper and Adequate Lighting for the Ceremony Participants

While it’s romantic to imagine a ceremony solely by candlelight, in reality, this results in what’s known as "monster light" on faces in photos (light coming from below creating shadows in the facial contours). The high sensitivity required due to low light further degrades the image quality (making it noisy and grainy).

To ensure professional, high-quality photos and videos, it's essential to have sufficient and well-directed light. You can ask the DJ (or the venue's lighting technician) for this, but we always carry suitable LED lights to ensure the best possible quality. You can see this clearly in the photos. :)

éjszakai esküvői szertartás fotózás all we have just stories

Think About the Guests Too!

Experience over the past years shows that the focus primarily falls on the couple in such cases, which is understandable as they are the main characters of this story. However, don’t forget a very important fact: the guests and parents. This is when the best shots of them are taken, as they are stationary and emotionally connected to the couple and the event, resulting in the most beautiful, touching portraits of them!

Therefore, it's particularly important that they are well-lit as well. Otherwise, the photographer will be forced to use a flash, which can be jarring and blinding for eyes accustomed to low light, ruining the illusion.

éjszakai esküvői szertartás fotózás all we have just stories

If you follow these three tips, the success of the evening wedding ceremony will depend only on the photographer's talent. :)

Always consult with your vendors; they will surely be able to help, advise, and provide the right equipment to ensure this special occasion is truly unforgettable!


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