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After the Engagement: 10 Exciting and Important Steps Towards the Big Day

After the engagement, every couple eagerly anticipates the next steps on the path to their wedding day. The upcoming period holds many opportunities for happy moments together and wedding planning. Here are 10 tips and steps that can help you begin the preparations for the big day after the engagement and make the most of the engagement's magic leading up to your wedding.


Don't miss celebrating the engagement! Organize a small gathering with family and friends to celebrate this special moment.

Let's talk about the wedding

Start an open conversation about the wedding. What do both of you want? What style, venue, or date would be most ideal? What do both of you genuinely want to experience on the big day? What reflects both of your personalities the most?

Common Goals and Priorities

Determine common goals and priorities during the wedding preparation. Discuss expectations and important planning details.

Create a Budget

Set the budget. It's important to review how much you can and want to spend on the wedding.

Let's find your venue

Embark on the venue search. Whether it's a fairytale castle, an intimate garden, or even an urban loft, the venue is one of the most critical decisions - it also solidifies the date.

Book the vendors

If you already have a venue idea and a budget, start seeking and booking vendors such as a photographer, videographer, DJ/band, decorations, etc.

Say yes to the dress

Start searching for attire! Whether it's a wedding dress or a suit, beginning the search early is always advantageous. It's worth comparing the costs of buying and renting attire, as you can often find surprisingly good deals!

Let's talk with the guests

Once you have the date and venue, start the guest list. Communicate with them in time, allowing guests to plan attendance, schedule any time off, or make vacation arrangements for the wedding.

Little small wedding details

Consider the smaller wedding details like flowers, invitations, and seating arrangements.

Enjoy the time between

Don't forget, this time is yours, not just about preparing for the wedding! Enjoy each other's company and the magic of the engagement. :)


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